Bean to Cup Coffee Machines - Great Coffee When You Want It

By Aaron Freere

When you get tired of grinding your own coffee beans or sipping down barely drinkable coffee from an inferior machine, consider getting a bean to cup coffee machine. This is the easiest and fastest way to get high quality coffee in your own kitchen or place of work. Whether you need something that brews quickly for a business setting or just want the best for your home, you will never have to grind your own coffee again.

With these coffee machines, all you have to do is purchase the whole coffee beans of your choice and press a few buttons for the settings. Then you sit back and relax while your machine grinds up the beans to the perfect consistency and brews your coffee automatically. The result is the freshest coffee you have ever tasted.

One thing that you have to consider before rushing into a purchase like this is how much space it is going to take up. Some of the machines are intended for professional use and can be quite large, so you will have to give up more space to accommodate them in an office or home setting.

If you do have some space to spare, consider getting a unit that includes space to stack cups, creamer, and other commonly needed condiments when making a cup of coffee. This will keep everything in one spot so it is easier and much quicker to grab a cup on the go.

For a smaller kitchen or room where the space just isn't there, consider a space saver model that does not devote so much room to cups and sugar. You won't have as much convenience with models, but you will still get the perfectly brewed coffee each and every day.

You can expect a coffee maker of this type to brew at least 100 cups a day. Many larger units can easily double or triple this figure. This is not saying you will have to make this much coffee every day, but it shows what a professional strength machine is capable of doing.

If you own your own business and want to offer coffee to your clients or have it always hot and ready to pour for whenever a client may enter, then a larger unit that brews hundreds of cups a day may be what you need.

A space saver unit used for residential purposes or in a lower traffic business setting will brew less coffee for the lower demand. Whatever your needs are, you have to know how much coffee you may need before you start shopping for this type of machine. You don't need to purchase a huge machine that brews three hundred cups a day if you will likely only need fifty a day.

You can expect to pay more for a professional coffee machine that does so much of the work for you than you would for a small, ordinary coffee machine. Yet, the luxury of having a machine grind and brew the coffee from bean to cup is well worth the extra expense for many people.

Even with the extra expense, some units can now be found at rather affordable prices for businesses or homeowners who want a little more luxury in their surroundings. The best way to find a bean to cup coffee machine that meets your needs is to shop online to see what this limited market is now offering. - 29861

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A Buyer's Guide To The Commercial Oven

By Riley Powers

If you've ever owned a restaurant before, you surely know how important it is to use a high quality commercial oven as a means of cooking your food. There are many different options, and you'll want one that allows you to prepare food for your patrons efficiently and quickly.

There are many considerations that should go into determining which kind of oven they should use for their restaurant. For example, restaurants that serve more than 50 people at once may need several ovens, especially if the food type on their menu varies.

Amongst the most popular breeds of this oven style is the convection oven. The best quality of this kind of cooking appliance is the fact that a fan within the oven blows the hot air around the inside of the oven, letting the heat be distributed evenly to the rest of the food.

This is particularly useful for foods that may have been cold or even frozen before being heated. As you may well know, frozen preparations are often spotty once they've been done with heating.

Yet another very popular oven style is the conveyor oven. Who will typically use ovens like these? They're very popular in high volume restaurants that need to prepare many meals at once. In heating food in this manner, you won't need to constantly open and close your oven as you need to serve each meal.

Of course, another type of extremely common commercial oven used in restaurants is a pizza oven, which has the capacity to heat foods really quickly at extremely high temperatures. As a result, you'll see other foods being heated with this oven from time to time.

There are so many different styles of oven you can go with, and there are even more that I haven't mentioned here. At the end of the day, you'll want something that heats your food quickly and reliably, and a high quality unit of any sort should do that. Simply ask yourself which style works best for your needs.

From there, you should explore all possible options when looking to buy your oven, including the secondary marketplace. Stop at nothing to find a quality device for a great price. - 29861

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Purchasing Catering Equipment On-line

By Paul Kneubler

Purchasing catering equipment can be a demanding task. Buying online can make it easier, but only if you choose the right vendor. This article helps you make the right choice when it comes to selecting a vendor for your catering equipment need.

Selecting the right supplier of catering equipment is a risky decision, one not to be taken lightly. You will want to make sure you are dealing with an honest company, getting a good deal and the most suitable equipment for your needs.

Until relatively recently there were only two options available to enable you to select a vendor of catering equipment: call them on the phone or go and see them in person. This isn't always reliable as you cannot inspect the equipment on the phone and visiting a company many hours away isn't very practical. Once again the internet has come to the rescue, with on-line shopping, or e-commerce, it is now possible to view product images and specifications, compare deals and research suppliers all without leaving your chair.

Not all on-line retailers are the same

So now we have established that selecting catering equipment on-line is the way to go and far better than the old methods, we still need to ensure we select the best supplier and the right equipment. There are several things to look out for when visiting a potential supplier's website.

Does the site look professional and business like? Rather like a physical shop or showroom you can tell a lot about the company you are dealing with by how their website looks. You wouldn't purchase an expensive piece of equipment from a dodgy looking shop with misspelled signs and messy shop floor, nor should you from a company with a dodgy looking, messy and badly designed website.

Does the website display prices? Many businesses use their websites as little more than on-line catalogues, displaying products but giving away little information. These companies hope that you will be tempted by the pictures to pick up the phone and place an order. This is an old-fashioned way to run a website. These days people expect the website to work much harder, they expect to see multiple images, full descriptions and lists of features. Any vendor of catering equipment not doing this on their website is either lazy, afraid of revealing prices or simply out of touch with how the modern world does business.

Does the site allow you to actually purchase on-line? Setting up an on-line shop takes a bit of time and money so only companies that are serious about selling on-line will go to the bother. If a supplier has a well thought out on-line store or e-commerce shopping cart, as they are sometimes called, you can take it a sign of professionalism and good business practice. If the on-line store is packed with features like customer reviews, comparison, wish lists and order tracking you will know that this company means business and is likely to be professional. And good on-line store will also make life easier for you the customer and that is always a good thing.

Shop around

Once you have selected a supplier of catering equipment that meets your criteria in terms of having a professional website that allows on-line purchasing it is time to compare. If you have a short list of potential suppliers the deciding factor will probably be price. You might think that location should be a factor too but it needn't be if the price is low enough. For example if you are based in Sydney and looking to buy a cake display for your restaurant you might be tempted to use a Sydney based supplier, but what if a firm in Brisbane meets all the criteria listed above and offers the cake display at a price that is lower even when shipping is taken into account. I know what I would choose.

So, in summary, choose a supplier with a great web presence including a fully featured on-line store and, of course, low prices and you won't go far wrong. - 29861

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Consider the Philips Senseo HD7860 Coffee Machine

By Elsie Barton

This most up-to-date Philips Senseo HD7860/60 is not truly a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, but is one of a new cohort of exceedingly user friendly machines that provide fresh coffee at the push of a button from coffee pads. Upon opening the box to look at your new HD7860/60, you are likely to be very impressed by its looks. The sales blurb describes it as being designed for people who prefer cubes to spheres. And it certainly has a very contemporary, smooth design.It comes in either white or black, and measures approximately 25 cm high, 22 cm deep and 17 cm wide.

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare it for first use by flushing the whole system. This is very easy, albeit rather noisy for a couple of minutes. It is very quiet in regular operation.

The most crucial considerations in reviewing the HD7860 are the ease of use and quality of the coffee it brews.

It has two spouts, so you can make either one or two cups at any one time. And has a height adjustable foot for the cups, so different cup / mug sizes can easily be used. The height varies from 97 to 117 mm.In less than a minute, it will have 2 cups ready. In just thirty seconds it will make 1 cup.

The HD7860/60 has a particularly large capacity, holding up to 1.2 litres. This can easily make 8 cups. Each cup is 120ml.

The HD7860 has an automatic shut-off element after 30 minutes, which is very worthwhile.

The coffee pads are a good deal better value than the coffee pods that have been conventionally used in such machines. Although the Senseo ones are about 15p each, you can obtain other ones much cheaper, and being pads there should not normally be a compatibility issue. You'll want to obtain round ones.We have used original and substitute coffee pads and the coffee produced by each has been first-rate.

The attractive appearance of the HD7860 is the most outstanding feature of this coffee maker - combined, perhaps with the marvelous quality of the coffee it makes!. The HD7860 will look especially good in a contemporary kitchen with darker worktops - much better, we consider than the usual, more curvy machines - 29861

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Kitchenware - How to Stock a Kitchen

By Jeremy Starkle

Owning a well-stocked kitchen is worth taking the time and effort to complete, not only in terms of pantry requirements, but also in terms of the kitchenware that makes it possible to prepare food as well. This can refer to a group of items, including cookware, utensils, baking dishes and kitchen appliances. Before stocking your kitchen, it's a good idea to think about what type of cooking that you do the most. If someone is a big baker, for example, it makes sense to purchase a great set of baking dishes for all the various types of cakes and bread that you may make.

Kitchenware goes a long way back; in the ancient pre-kitchen era, people used clay or stone bowls in order to heat up food over a fire. As mankind progressed, people learnt how to manipulate metal and the potential began to grow. Recipes grew more complex as well. This gave birth of what we know today as modern cuisine.

For those who are interested in doing a lot of frying, the set of frying pans that is collected is important. Specific kitchenware has been created to make frying simpler; the birth of non-stick technology is extremely useful for pan-frying. This prevents food getting stuck to the bottom of the pan and getting burnt. Deep fryers are also available; they submerge food into a tub of hot oil to give it a crunchy exterior.

Utensils are a necessary component of kitchenware. In the West, this comprises the basic fork, spoon, and knife set. These can come in different materials, including the traditional silver. Stainless steel is probably one of the most popular and common types of utensil material. In Eastern cultures chopsticks are used, made out of wood or other materials.

Appliances in the kitchen range in their level of complexity, but all are designed to give the chef less manual work to do. Kitchenware in the appliance category can include the basic blenders, beaters, and food processors. More complicated items include microwave ovens, pasta makers, ice cream makers, and juicers. Basically, whatever possible type of food that could be prepared probably has its own appliance that makes its preparation easier and more hands-off for the cook. Standards of convenience grow every day, with new inventions making cooking more fuss-free than ever before. - 29861

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Commercial Ovens: Quality and Control

By Lenny Amoore

An essential item in every kitchen, ovens are closed compartments that are used for baking or other heating purposes. Commercial ovens are efficient machines located in restaurant kitchens that require a high turnover of food material and accuracy in baking methods. The oven has been around for an extremely long time, with remnants of ovens found by archaeologists dating back to 3200 BC. However it was the ancient Greeks that really started to refine the baking process, inventing the front-loading oven that was used to bake all types of dough into bread and even complicated cakes, similar to what we use today.

Whilst having the capacity to produce breads, cakes, and other baked goods, commercial ovens can also be used for roasting savoury foods like meat or casseroles. Industrial ovens can even be used to fire up non-food items like clay or other building materials. The real duty of the oven is to provide an intense and controllable amount of heat, which can be channelled into whatever a needs heating up.

The heat source in commercial ovens can come from either the top or the bottom, which has a different effect on the way the food cooks. For casseroles or food like lasagne in which a browned top is desired, placing it close to a top-heating source is a good idea. However, for baked goods when an even cooking is required, a bottom heat source is better. When in doubt, placing the food in the middle of the oven is a good happy medium.

Commercial ovens are powered by either gas or electricity. In the past, they were fired by coal or wood, and wood is still used in certain circumstances in commercial kitchens, such as the cooking of pizza. Cooking with wood adds some of the smoky flavour into the food. Convection ovens use a fan to move the air around the interior of the chamber, meanwhile steam ovens use a bit of water to add steam into the chamber. All of these ovens can be adjusted depending on what is being cooked.

To most peoples surprise, commercial ovens have the ability to clean themselves. For anyone who has spent endless hours scrubbing off burnt flakes from the bottom of an oven, this is a breath of fresh air. There are two ways in which this works. Self-cleaning ovens use a concentrated wave of extreme heat to burn off the dirt, thus dissolving it. Continuous cleaning ovens on the other hand, are coated on the inside with a catalytic substance that works in opposition with the dirt, slowly destroying it over time. - 29861

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The Gaggia Platinum Vision 74845 Model Our Review

By Dwight Monroe

Gaggia are one of the most renowned manufacturers of domestic coffee machines and are an authentic Italian manufacturer to boot. Although you may not think this matters too much, it does generally mean that you are purchasing a truly top quality product if you go for the Gaggia Platinum Vision 74845, and this is reflected in the price.

The Gaggia 74845 Platinum Vision has the added advantage of being a bean to cup coffee machine, taking care of the whole process within the machine. This means you can easily avoid all the hassle and mess which may put many off brewing their own coffee at home.

Although there are several parts of the machine which need to be kept clean, most of these detach quite easily with the stainless steel construction making them easy to take care of without worrying about rusting.

The quality of the different elements of the machine makes all the difference in creating a quality brew. This starts at the grinder, with its ceramic blades, making the grind selected consistent every time and also allowing for small changes to be made to create subtle differences in the grind.

Another important feature in allowing great quality to be achieved time after time is the inclusion of an aqua prima water filter. This makes the Gaggia 74845 Platinum Vision a particularly good investment for anyone living in a hard water area.

One of the main drawbacks of the Gaggia 74845 Platinum Vision Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is that it can be quite complicated to operate when you first start out. The fact that there are so many functions on the machine means you might need to read through the instructions two or three times before you can master the basic operations.

Even though it is a little complicated, this is largely because of the sheer amount of different things that you can do with the Gaggia 74845. In addition to espresso, there is of course a crema to froth milk, and the Gaggia makes it quite easy to produce any variation on the cappuccino which you would find in the local coffee shop.

While most will buy the Gaggia 74845 Platinum Vision for the high level of functionality, it is also a stylish addition to any kitchen. The machine is crafted from stainless steel as opposed to cheaper imitation products, so the quality of the product shines through in the look of the machine too.

To summarise, the Gaggia 74845 Platinum Vision Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is the best option to go for if you have a little extra to spend since the quality of the brew it produces is exceptional. - 29861

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